hi.direct: Create a seamless user experience in healthcare e-commerce

In Germany alone, 8.7 million people hold full private health insurance, while around 26.8 million people have complimentary insurance for hospitalization or dental treatment. However, despite quick access to healthcare services, there are still some hurdles: Insured persons still have to pay for services out-of-pocket and then submit the bill to their insurance company. This is a time-consuming process for which there have not been any user-friendly solutions for a long time – and certainly not for online providers. This is now changing thanks to the newly launched hi.direct, which guides your customers into a seamless user experience without any financial worries. 


Seamless user experience for privately insured customers  

hi.direct is an online checkout system including automatic reimbursement through private health insurances that allows merchants selling tele health services, online pharmacies and medical devices to create a seamless shopping experience for their privately insured customers. This means users can pay their bills directly through their hi.health expense account. On the shop-side, it only requires a simple process to integrate one-click buy with hi.direct in the checkout, allowing customers to have paid services processed directly by hi.health through their health insurances. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also shop conversion rates, which may have previously failed due to online payment hurdles especially for older users.
The service works with almost any private health insurance available on the German market.


Financial peace of mind for you and your customers 

Since hi.direct handles payment and processing with the private insurance carriers directly, customers no longer have to worry about payment – and together with their customers, partnering online store operators can now enjoy financial peace of mind (and mitigate financial risks for both parties).
Especially those users who like to take care of necessary things in as little time as possible and without much worrying will be grateful for this time-saving integration in their everyday life: Based on user interviews, we found out that 75% percent of our users like using hi.health to submit claims in an easier way, while 90% stated that it is very important to them to get their money reimbursed quickly. At the same time, more than 40% of existing hi.health users reported buying medical items online several times a year or more – and this is where the potential of hi.direct lies.


Simple integration and sign-up process 

The online checkout offers a modern payment experience and design, while it can be quickly integrated into the existing store and it follows only 3 simple steps: 

• The backend-integration of the hi.direct Merchant API, which uses a checkout-link containing a payment token. 

• Afterwards, the customer will follow this link, performing the checkout process through hi.direct. 

• After creating the users invoice, it needs to be uploaded to hi.health via the Merchant API

To make the implementation even easier, hi.health also offers to integrate the backend solution that uses the same interface as Klarna or Paypal at comparable costs into the existing store. No matter whether the system is used on mobile or desktop: After making a simple adjustment, the system is able to adapt seamlessly. Thanks to these features, hi.direct offers to save time and effort by providing an easy to use payment solution for healthcare e-commerce.


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